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Oct 29, 2001 01:58 PM

Les Halles

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Who has read "Kitchen Confidential" and eaten and Les Halles, and what did you think? (I enjoyed the book a lot, and, having moved to the Midwest years ago, haven't had the chance to try out the restaurant.)

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  1. Good steaka and the best frites. :) It does geta bit crowded and noisy though. I wasn't checking for recycled bread. :)

    1. i've read the book. i've been to the restaurant. both are fantastic. even better if you've worked in the biz.

      1. I've read the book and I live around the corner from the restaurant. It's definitely wonderful (as is the book) - and having worked in food service, nothing he said truly surprised me.

        And I know that Bourdain recommends against eating mussels in restaurants, but the moules frites there are great!

        1. Great to hear the restaurant lives up to the book. Can't wait to try it on a trip home.

          1. A few Sundays ago I had dinner with my visiting parents at Tabla's Bread Bar. It was good but not great. We needed a change of scene for dessert, so I walked them up to Les Halles. Although the profiteroles were very good, the chocolate banana torte was so phenomenal that I still crave it weeks later. We loved the atmosphere and regret we hadn't had dinner there instead. Next time we will! I would go off hours though because the seats are on top of each other.