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Oct 24, 2001 04:14 PM

News of The Little Place

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My co-hound left them a note on Monday, and today Alberto called and said "See you next week"!! I hope he really will be able to open again then.
The Little Place, West Broadway between Murray and Warren.

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    1. re: Carol

      West Broadway is now open down to Murray Street. Alberto et al were in today cleaning up downstairs. Looks like they probably WILL be back in business soon.

      PS: there might be a mention of them on TV in Germany soon, as part of a story on lower Manhattan now. It's a long story ... (how/why they might be on, that is...)

      1. re: Suzanne Fass

        The week after the attack, a German TV crew stopped me on Broadway near Spring, asking questions about my reaction to the mayor's and president's suggestion that we go about our usual routines, especially the ones which involved spending money. The German press must be following NY's reaction very closely.

    2. Went by today and it was still closed. Does anyone know when it's reopening?

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      1. re: Ben

        In case you passed by my post closer to the top of this board: Alberto and Marco were there prepping today, and plan to re-open on Thursday, 11/1 (el dia de los muertos).