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Oct 24, 2001 03:36 PM


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Peasant Restaurant received a six or seven page glowing review in the current Magazine of La Cucina Italiana. Can anyone give a first hand report? Thanks.

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  1. I had a grea roast branzini,the fish was great. i love the look of the place. i will be having dinner there again this saturday I will report back.

    1. I have eaten at Peasant twice in the past twelve months and have enjoyed both visits very much. I would strongly recommend the osso buco as an entree. The meat is meltingly tender and resting on a bed of farro in a fantastic sauce. Farro is a Tuscan grain similar to barley and it is cooked to a risotto like consistency in this dish. For starters, I have had a mix of shellfish that is roasted in a terra cotta dish with garlic and herbs. The shell fish is a mix of razor clams, oysters and cuttle fish. There is another starter of roasted cuttle fish which is absolutely delicious. With both of these starters be sure to soak up the juices with the crusty Tuscan bread that is on the table. By the way, the bread is served with a dish of softened ricotta cheese, which is a nice change from butter. For dessert I have had a flourless chocolate cake that was served with pastachio gelatto (from Ciao Bella). One of the things that I like about Peasant is the fact that the wine list consists of great southern Italian wines from small, lesser known producers. A white and red that I have had and really enjoyed were a Livio Felluga "Map Lable" Pinot Grigio 1997, from Friuli and Val Cerasa, Etna Rosso 1997 from Sicily.

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        Dan Saltzstein

        For the price, I was a bit disappointed, tho it's still worth checking out. The panzanella, sardines and risotto are excellent. I found the pizza very oily, which really turned me off. Cuttlefish, bocconcini and the fruit salad dessert were all awful. And really mediocre espresso, which is so sad for an Italian restaurant.