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Oct 23, 2001 06:13 PM

Downtown restaurant suggestions for Hoosiers

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We will be visiting NYC from Indiana and would like to patronize downtown restaurants that are having a hard time since 9/11. Would appreciate suggestions for moderately priced and interesting restaurants. We're open to any and all cuisines.

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  1. LE ZINC on duane street bet. w. bway & bway is my favorite, lunch or dinner. KANI on church street is fun for korean too. the air in tribeca is not so good outside lately, but indoors it's fine.

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      I was at Le Zinc on Sat. evening 10/20 - at 6:00pm - been there several times before at the same hour, and it's always been quiet. This weekend, NYers were out in force, and I'm pleased to say it was PACKED! - every table filled by 6:40. The service was the same - gracious, and friendly, the food delicious too. If you're really looking to help some businesses, I'd suggest Chinatown - it is struggling, too. Pings, Dim Sum Au Go Go, Canton, Oriental Garden and any of the smaller places really need our support right now and for months to come. Thanks for coming and have fun!

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        I agree -- patronize Chinatown! Two wonderful Vietnamese restaurants in the Chinatown area are Nha Trang (Baxter St. below Canal) and Viet Nam (Doyers St. off Pell). Both have been mentioned a number of times on this board.

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        Just a couple of clarifications for our friends from the heartland: Le Zinc is on Duane Street between West Broadway and Church Street (not Broadway); and the Korean place is called Kori. I agree with both choices -- warm, friendly places, delicious food, and in need.

        Also: I really loved Pico, on Greenwich Street between Harrison and Jay Streets. Oh, the roast suckling pig!!!

        Finally, as to the air: the wind is shifting constantly, so you just never know what it'll be like from second to second. So what? Just come and have a great time!!!

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          oooh, my bad! i zoned on the address & name! thanks for straightening that out for these folks. i;m posting a link for KORI below. i hope they do go to chinatown too.


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        Downtown Lady

        Try the Lower East Side.....They have a few that need help.

        1. I'm not sure how Katz's is doing lately, but I went there on Sept. 30, and the counter guys were complaining that their business was way down since the atrocities. They're at Houston St. and Ludlow, and I'm sure you can't get pastrami like that in Indiana. Have some slaw, too.

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            niki lebouquin

            HI and welcome and thank you!

            I would suugest restaurants in the Tribeca or Wall Street area. These places are suffering the most and I know because I work there.

            Try Ecco, an intimate Italian restaurant on Chambers Street, across from the #2 subway. They have a beatiful huge antipasto table... small tastings of roasted red peppers, marinated olives, cured sausage hard, sharp cheeses etc. ANd, the entrees are excellent... delicous flavorful Italian sauces.

            Ask for Ray the place is great!