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Oct 18, 2001 12:04 AM

Advice on Pearls at 99th and Amsterdam

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I just starting ordering from the new Chinese restaurant called Pearls. it has a Shanghai section that looks interesting. The preserved mustard greens with bean curd was good. Has anyone else eaten there? Can you recommend some dishes?

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  1. I've ordered from and enjoyed Pearls twice so far(about two months ago,)but without the menu by my side, I'm just winging it as to specifics. What I DO remember is that everything we tried from the Shanghai menu was very good and indeed a cut above the tired "ususal suspects" that appear on each and every Chinese menu in our nabe. Whenever I see the words "preserved" or "pickled" in front of a Chinese dish, I immediately gravitate toward it. We tried the dish you had plus a few other unique preparations and liked them.

    1. They also make a respectable tongue/tripe app. - had better elsewhere - but hey we can't get delivery from GSI or places in C-town to the UWS! I too need to further explore thats section of their menu.

      Please report back any other findings in your menu research.

      1. Try the rice cake dishes.