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Oct 10, 2001 06:18 PM

advice from the pros

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Hi Chowhounds!

I am traveling to NY in a few weeks. I want to check out some of the great food establishments there. I love all types of food. Let me know of any great places close to the following areas I will be going to.(Preferably "reasonable" in price). I will be on foot most of the time. I wil be going to: SoHO, Chinatown and Little Italy, Madison Ave. only for a few hours one day, garment district possibly, Guggenheim Museum, Frick or Metropolitan Museum of Art one day,St. Patrick's cathedral on a Sunday (any good breakfast places close by there?). I am open to any other suggestions and will change locales for a great food experience! Thanks, and I love NY!

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  1. Your best bet is to make use of the search feature on this site. You'll find a wealth of info on eateries in every area you intend to visit. Enjoy.