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Oct 9, 2001 01:11 PM

Have any restaurants closed?

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As a result of the 9/11 events? If so, which ones?

Are there rumors of other closings?

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    Suzanne Fass

    Three of our favorites are in the restricted zone, so I doubt they've been open since 9/11. It pains me greatly to think that perhaps they may never re-open, because they just won't be able to afford to. They are: 1) Kitchenette; 2) Mangez avec moi; and 3) The Little Place. We worry the most about The Little Place, because Alberto and Marcos are such great guys, and because of them we didn't have to schlep to Brooklyn for decent tamales.

    If anybody knows any more about these places, I'd love to hear.

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    1. re: Suzanne Fass
      Jessica Shatan

      Please don't assume any restaurants are closed--I read an article in this week's Time Out NY and was surprised how much was open, even really close to Ground Zero. But these places are truly suffering, after many losing thousands of dollars of food due to power outages, their customers are down anywhere from 25% to 80%! One said they could stay open 3 months but if it doesn't pickup significantly, then they will close. I don't think we really know the fall-out yet, and we do have a chance to make a difference now while they're trying to make a go of it..
      ***The last thing we should do is assume some place is closed and stay away when it is struggling to stay open***

      1. re: Jessica Shatan

        The places I listed are in the area that is closed, I mean REALLY CLOSED, to virtually everyone, maybe even residents. (Trust me, I live just a couple of blocks to the east, and I walk around the nabe.) If anyone knows FOR SURE that they will re-open, that info would be greatly appreciated.

        PS I find it interesting that a place like Il Giglio seems not to be mourned, or The Road House on Murray St (where I swear they never remembered to put the wood into the smoker).

        1. re: Suzanne Fass
          Jessica Shatan

          Do you know the boundaries of the closed area??

          1. re: Jessica Shatan

            As of this afternoon (since they can change at any time): the northern border is still Chambers Street (that is, Chambers is open, but Warren, Murray, and on down are not); eastern border is Broadway. So, eg, Alfanoose on Fulton between Bway and Nassau is open, but anything west of Bway is not. I'm not sure how far south the restrictions go west of Bway, or if there are any east of Bway much to the south. Once you get north of Chambers, everything is open, at least as far west as Greenwich St.

            1. re: Jessica Shatan

              Even outside the bounds of the area N of Chambers, lots of streets south of Canal are closed to all but emergency/official vehicles, so while walking is OK (although heavily regulated by state police and National Guard at some corners), driving would be frustrating and to be avoided. A number of published accounts report how the Chinatown economy is hurting because of this.

        2. re: Suzanne Fass
          Susan Halsey

          I feel the same way about the Little Place. When I first got back to the office, I wanted to go there just to support them. Great people, really good food.

        3. I read an article about the chain Burritoville, where (something like) 3 of their restaurants support the other ~10 in the chain. I think 2 of the 3 "good ones" were located downtown, and last week the Burritoville in Hoboken, NJ unexpectedly shut down.

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          1. re: thereuare

            I believe Burritoville also owns the Veg City Diner, The branch on Third Avenue just closed, and a sign in the window attributes this directly to 9/11 and the resultant downturn in downtown business. HOWEVER they promise to open others, reinforcing the belief that this is "zone" related.

            1. re: Janet

              It couldn't have been because Veg City Diner was putrid, could it?

              1. re: me, foodie

                The one on 14th is still open, as far as I know

                1. re: me, foodie

                  Putrid? You really think so? It's not that bad. Mostly inoffensive at worst and the Veggie Cuban sandwich is quite tasty indeed.