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Oct 9, 2001 01:26 AM


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Anyone know any thing about Marika on W 70 St., next door to Cafe Luxemburg?

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  1. Yes. I posted on it a while back, but there's also a long thread on articles about it, so searching might not work too well.

    Briefly, I think it's really good. I haven't tried Ouest, but other than that, I think Marika is the best "high-end" restaurant on the UWS.

    Everything was good, but I especially liked the pork dish (rack of pork); might be the best pork dish I've ever had.

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      Some of my 14-year-old daughter's favorite Manhattan restaurants: AZ, Le Colonial, Candela, Blue Ribbon, and Grange Hall (Greenwich Village). My wife and I like these also.

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        Thanks. Ate at Marika tonight and it was great. The menu outside didn't look great and we were reluctant to go in but we did and we were not dissapointed. Oust is also a fine place but it is hard to compare the two as to which is better.

      2. Ate there a while ago and it was wonderful - service, atmosphere and food - and they gave each of us a big, delicious cookie to take to Lincoln Center for intermission!

        1. I was there during the summer. Very pretty interior. OK to good food. Small portions. Very expensive for what they offer. Mostly empty of cusomers. I would not go back.