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Oct 6, 2001 06:03 PM

Sunday brunch, West Village?

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Hey y'all. New Orleans visitor is looking for a cute, yet tasty, brunch spot in the West Village/Greenwich Village/Soho area. I'm looking for a place that isn't too crowded (ie, not EJ's), that has mimosas and won't rush you out the door if you want to linger over conversation. Thanks!

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  1. Went last week to one of my favorite Soho places,Quilty's on Prince Street. Good mimosas,good tea and coffee. The menu is pretty extensive:eggs,buttermilk pancakes,salmon hash,serrano ham and gruyere sandwich,french toast and a few unusual things like lamb.Very tasty bread basket include addictive scones. Nice relaxing setting,good service.Named Quilty's after a character in "Lolita".

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      felix , in soho, has quite a wait, but fun atmosphere and they don't rush you off.

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        I've had good luck at Home on Cornelia. The heated patio is nice for single diners.

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          weak food . . . i would lean towards paris commune or pastis (sure they have attitude but it is open, airy and the food is solid)

    2. Grange Hall is a pretty reliable place, kind of NY meets the midwest. Hearty stuff and light stuff. I remember the lamb barley soup to be very good and the quickbreads that they bring were nice. Beautiful location too.

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        Guys -

        She specifically asked for a place that isn't too crowded. Without discussing the food (which is very up-and-down) or the service (which can be rushed), I can think of no other brunch place in the city that is MORE crowded (and noisy) than Grange.

      2. if you're not out the door already, i second the GRANGE HALL suggestion. MIRACLE GRILL and PARIS COMMUNE are also nearby and popular for brunch, below is a link for MG. the LE GAMIN CAFE mini-chain of restaurants and PASTIS in the meatpacking area will let you linger all you want. sorry but these are all usually quite busy for brunch. remember to post again and let us know how you did please.


        1. Go to Wallse on 11th & Washington.

          Excellent creative menu. An adult restaurant.

          1. I second 'Home' on Cornelia Street. It is very quaint. You can also try 'The Cupping Room' in Soho (I think it's on Broome.) Good, basic brunch fare, and the wait usually isn't too long!