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Oct 3, 2001 12:28 PM

my scrumptious seafood dinner in chinatown

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We had a birthday celebration (four people) at Kam Chueh the other night and it was spectacular. I hadn’t realized until I showed up that I had been eating there for several years, but various Chowhound suggestions pointed us in new directions. We started with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot which we savored while nibbling on salt and pepper squid and dumplings. (We are all dumpling snobs and were very impressed with their delicate skins and flavors.) The squid was fresh, crispy -- not heavy at all. Ordering one dish at a time, we moved on to geoduck clam sashimi which was worth every penny of the $35 they charge (although they should upgrade their wasabi). After that, we had razor clams with black bean sauce – succulent and perfectly seasoned. We followed that up with a whole steamed soy sauce, ginger and garlic grouper, snow pea leaves and scallion and ginger noodles. The fish was the only thing that was not out of this world. With a couple of beers thrown it, the bill came out $120. We ate leisurely. The service was attentive but not suffocating. Discovered or not, Kam Chueh is holding to a high standard. A great deal! Next time, we'll try Ping’s. (My mouth is already watering!)

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