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Best Sandwich Places in Manhattan?

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Where can I find the best sandwich places in Manhattan?


Paul Ruppert

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  1. Hi Paul. I think that if your anywhere near Port Authority you should head over to Sandwich Planet and grab a sandwich to go. The question is pretty hard cause its a big city and there are lots of choices. ie:
    Katz's (Pastrami)
    La Habana (Cuban and Blackened Chicken)
    Bahn Mi (Vietnamese)
    Cibao 72 (Roast Chicken)
    If you have an idea of the area (neighborhood)your looking for and maybe the type of sandwich you'll have a better chance of eliciting a response.

    1. j
      josh lichtman

      melampo on sullivan for italian sandwiches

      2nd ave deli for pastrami/brisket/corned beef

      eisenberg's for tuna salad

      mei lei wah in chinatown for pork/ combination buns

      castilla de jagua on rivington for great cubans

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        You MUST try Eisenberg's for tuna! Let alone the atmosphere. It's worth it just for that alone. Be sure to get an egg cream while you're at it!


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          I loved Melampo when Allessandro was there. His sandwiches were works of art. His successor at the renamed Aliodoro does not put as much meat or care into his sandwiches, and the just don't taste as good. Allessandro was worth taking a trip to see, not his successor.

          On 1st just below 61st is one of my new favorites, Domanick's. The Supremo is excellent. Worth a few blocks walk.

        2. i love this question. here are some of my favorite sandwiches in manhattan: (1) the blt at the corner bistro (jane and 4th); (2) the lamb and mashed potato sandwich at the bread bar at tabla (25th and madison); (3) the sausage and peppers at manginaro's hero boy (38th and 9th); (4) the roast chicken sandwich at frank (2nd and 5th); (5) pastrami at katz's (ludlow and houston); (6) the brisket sandwich at pearson's barbecue (35th ave and 71st st in jackson heights, sorry, not manhattan, forgot the question); (7) the lobster roll at mary's fish kamp (somewhere in the west village; i get lost around there); (8) the meatball hero at 5 Roses (11th and 1st); (9) the humus and babaganoush at damask falaffel (5th and A); and (10) the peking duck (if you count pancakes as bread for sandwiches) at shun lee (55th bet lex and 3rd). hope this helps...

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            you're absolutely right about that lamb and mashed potato sandwich at Tabla's Bread Bar--delicious.

            can't wait to try all these sandwiches. thanks.


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              Can anyone tell me anything more about this BLT (the one at the corner bistro, 4th and Jane), or any other great BLTs in New York?

              Thanks much, michele

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                i always get sucked into the burgers and nothing else when i go to corner bistro, but on a recent visit, waiting for takeout, i saw how they make their grilled cheese. not sure about the BLT. they broil the bread to toast, instead of grilling it on a pan of butter. it looked quite good and relatively more healthy than normal grilled cheese. i believe you can get bacon on it as well, and make it unhealthy again. i think next time i go, i'll check it out.

            2. I agree with others who recommended the pastrami at Katz's.

              For panini, I've enjoyed Pepe Giallo and have previously recommended it.

              If you want just plain very good bread and jam, consider Le Pain Quotidien on Grand St. in Soho.

              1. I love the puerco enchilda torta sandwich at Taco Taco on 2nd between 89th and 90th.


                1. d
                  Dan Sonenberg

                  Best Italian Sandwich in the city: La Piccola Cucina, Broadway betw. 106 and 107.

                  I post it all the time - no-one ever responds, or goes (just a hunch really - it's got a good local following, but Chowhound doctrine, which I admit to having corroborated at times, is that the UWS should never been a culinary destination). Has anyone been there? What a sleeper. Huge, fresh, sandwiches made with real LOVE and extremely reasonable prices. Best grilled veggies I've had anywhere.

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                    you could also try 'Ino on bedford...a sort of upscale sandwich place that makes traditional italian sandwiches....top quality meats and bread from blue ribbon bakery... great late night spot.....I've got to throw this in as well...Vito's in Hoboken makes what I would call the best deli's sandwich I've ever had...Hoboken bread, awesome Mozzerella made in the store....this conversation is making me very hungry!!!

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                      Thanks, Dan, for your suggestion of La Piccola Cucina. I live on the UWS and appreciate any hot tips! What else, besides veggies, do they offer (that you might recommend).

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                        Dan, thanks for the tip. Could you be more specific about the exact location of this place? Or better yet, find the address? I go to Columbia so I walk that stretch of Bway all the time. I'd hate to think I'd overlooked a good food place so close to home. I tried Googling it to find out the info, but didn't have any luck...

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                          Whoops. Just realized this post is over 4 yrs old. I assume the place is closed now. Ah well :(

                        2. I'm not sure why these January 10, 1999 threads are showing up right before the June 22, 2006 threads, but it's interesting to revisit this topic, anyway. I would still recommend pastrami at Katz's, which for my money is just as good as it was in 1999. Banh Mi Saigon Bakery on Mott St. between Hester and Grand is fantastic.

                          1. Roast Pork italian at Tony luke's 41st and 9th. Also see my earlier thread on italian heros

                            1. For a true, authentic Chinese pork bun go to 9 Chathan Sq. restaurant (in Chinatown). It's a greasy spoon that has excellent buns!

                              I also like Sandwich Planet, 'ino, and 'wichcraft.

                              1. I love the Sliders at the Stanton Social. The Cheese Steaks at B Bar in the village was good as well (but that was a while ago).

                                1. I actually really enjoy the tuna nicoise salad sandwich from Bouchon Bakery at the Time Warner Center if you're looking for something gourmet.

                                  Also Agatha & Valentino (the grocer on the Upper East Side) makes fantastic Italian Subs as well.

                                  Many of the sandwiches at the Wichcraft stalls in Bryant Park are great as well. My favorite is the Slow Roast Pork. Their Grilled Gruyere is delicious as well.

                                  1. 'Wichcraft is THE way to go for sandwiches!

                                    1. dom's on lafayette in soho has yummy takeout sandwiches

                                      1. Doma in the West Village makes AWESOME sandwiches:


                                        Also love Blue Ribbon, but they only serve em at lunch/brunch:


                                        Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop in the Lower East Side also makes great sandwiches with the plus being that they're freakishly cheap:


                                        1. Bahn Mi Saigon Bakery.
                                          and you can get it anywhere, but the French Dip at Houstons.

                                          1. On the UES, Payard's (73rd & Lex) has excellent sandwiches to take out or consume there. The Pan Bagnat is superb, the chicken sandwich varieties are all great...high prices but the best quality...

                                            1. **Great** tuna sandwiches at Almondine in Dumbo. (Classic french mayo tuna fish + tomatoes + swiss)

                                              They also make a mean smoked salmon, egg, caper, cucumber sandwhich.

                                              Unfortunately, sandwiches are pre-made and unpredictable - os any day could be tuna. And come at lunch time since they sell out fast.

                                              Plus, they also have great croissants and bagettes.

                                              1. Here's a new one. Despana on Grand St. makes sandwiches in the back of the store. The sandwiches are made on Sullivan St. bakery mini-baguettes, and they all feature the high quality Spanish goods sold at the store. So far, my favorite is the Picante (spicy Chorizo, mahon, peppers, tomato & garlic, lightly pressed & served warm). But every sandwich I've tried has been pretty good.

                                                Speaking of Sullivan Street Bakery, they now make sandwiches! The roasted beet, arugula, and goat cheese sandwich is absolutely delicious.

                                                1. Eisenburgs (SP?) on 5th Ave just South of 23rd. Go for the egg creams and the tuna san.

                                                  1. I second the bocadillas at despana. The lomo with honey and I think membrillo on ciabatta is to die for! Also they will hand cut the jamon serrano which to me is the best snack in the world-who needs bread?

                                                    1. L'Express on Park Ave. S around 20th Street makes a mouthwatering croque monsieur & madame (w/fried egg). Their accompanying fries are really addictive too.

                                                      1. momofuku's steamed berkshire pork buns are really very good, although their ramen fills me with indignant rage. nice steamed buns split in half and stuffed with fatty pork, hoisin sauce, and cilantro i think (i haven't had it in a while, since this is the only dish i would go to momofuku to eat.)

                                                        in a pork belly vein, i think fatty crab's tea sandwiches are very yummy as well. thinly sliced pork belly rests on white chinese bread (the greatest sliced white sandwich bread) with crusts removed, flavored by a smear of spicy mayonnaise and a few sprigs of cilantro. it melts in your mouth quite delightfully. mmmm.