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Sep 29, 2001 12:18 PM

Good Fish Tacos?

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I've been searching for fish tacos, but have been unable to locate any authentic/delicious tacos here in New York. Have they not made it here from Baja? Would love it if someone could steer me in the right direction.

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  1. you must be from the west coast - you sound like you're going through withdrawal!

    when i lived in NYC, i tried searching all over for fish tacos, and just good mexican food in general. as you may have read on this board, it's extremely hard to find.

    wish i could give you a tip where to find fish tacos - maybe a local will be able to help you out. in the meantime, hit the taco truck on 14th st. between 7th & 8th aves. no fish there, but pretty good stuff...

    1. well, the guy who responded to you about the taco truck below missed the fish tacos and fajitas right under his nose. you can find them at EL REY'S bet. 7th & 8th avenues on 14th street. it's really the only thing i like to eat there. great marg's and you can sit outside in back in nice weather too. another place that has them regularly, if not every day, is BURRITOVILLE on 23rd street close to 8th avenue. no, neither are as good as california-style fish tacos but they will get you by. do new yorker's have bagel cravings or something when they go out west?

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        you bet! i haven't had a decent bagel (or slice, or dumpling, or pastrami sammie) since i moved back home to L.A.

        seven years in NYC ruined me on several different levels, but at least i really appreciate our mexican food, burgers, japanese, etc...