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Sep 26, 2001 04:45 PM

Are Bouley Bakery & Danube Closed ?

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Tried to get reservations last night at both, but no one picked up. Are they too busy, or just shut? Things must be pretty tough in Tribeca area at the moment. Chanterelle left a msg on my machine at home saying they were offering $20 lunches. Is this the demise of Tribeca food??

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    Downtown Restaurants

    The Wednesday edition of the NYT addresses this issue in its Dining section. Bouley and Danube hope to open on Friday, temporarily using cellphones for reservations (646-232-0321; 917-929-9950). Pico is offering a shuttle from Canal to Greenwich and reduced prices. Chanterelle has reduced prices. Morton's of Chicago is closed indefinitely. There's a lot more information in the newspaper.