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Mar 29, 2002 04:57 PM

Fiddlhead Ferns

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Does anyone know where/when one can buy fiddlehead ferns in the bay area??????? THanks in advance

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  1. Andronico's on Irving in SF has them, but compared to what you can get them for down east, they are really expensive.


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    1. re: Mike

      I've seen them at Tower market on Portola, also pretty expensive, as is pretty muach all the produce there.

    2. Was at Andronico's on 3/31 and they were out of fiddlehead ferns. The produce guy said they get them in from time to time. We'll just have to keep watching...

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      1. re: Mrs. Smith

        Wow, they moved fast! There was a pile there only a few days earlier.

      2. Berkeley Bowl in the East Bay has them right now too. Can't remember price per pound, will try to look when I shop next.