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Sep 24, 2001 03:49 PM

Union Sqare Care & Po recommendations desired

  • j

Would like recommendations (and warnings) about what to order at USC & Po. Have seen the most recent postings on USC which are pretty consistent
>>The filet mignon of tuna is excellent as is the duck.
>>For apps, try the fried calamari or the pasta of the >>day.
Any other ideas?

And what to order at Po?



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  1. j

    apologies about the typo - can't seem to stem these operator errors.

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    1. re: jasonbigeater

      I think I may be the only person in New York that thinks this, but I found Po terribly overrated. Really noisy for a place that size and the food was uninteresting. Went there with about six people (granted, 5 years ago or so) and none of us were very impressed.. So my recommendation is go to Cornelia Street Cafe next door...