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Sep 24, 2001 12:00 PM

Alain Ducasse Closing Its Doors?

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I have heard from a reputable source in the industry, but not confirmed, that Alain Ducasse is closing or has just closed. If true, this would certainly be one of the most visible restaurant closures emanating from the souring economy and recent tragedy downtown. Can anyone confirm this ?

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  1. Sorry. Can't confirm Ducasse, but recent attempts to get reservations at Peacock Alley, resulted in "closed until further notice" notifications. I mention this here only because, Peacock Alley's chef was Ducasse's understudy.

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    1. re: Mao

      Peacock Alley was to open earlier this month, as it does usually close down at least part of August into Sept. However, due to the events of Sept 11, (business decision -- no one was injured) it has been closed down for a while longer. Yes, indefinitely I guess.

      I called guest services at the hotel.

      So all of you who enjoy eating there! CALL the WALDORF (355-3000), book a room and maybe we'll get to eat there again soon. (I will.) -- Or express your thoughts to management.

      I think booking a room will help more.

      (I hope the chef - Laurent Gras? - doesn't leave NYC in the meantime.)

      Maybe the Essex House is having a rough time as well and hence Alain Ducasse might actually be closing down for a while too?

      I heard that last week The Plaza only had 35% of its rooms booked.

      1. re: T

        I just spoke with a Waldorf insider, who confirmed that Peacock Alley is indeed closed. They did reopen after their traditional August break, but closed about a week after the disaster.

        Business had been less than great over the last year *I* think due to the fact that the restaurant is all the way inside the Waldorf, and has no separate entrance--God knows it got great reviews, and those of us who loved it, loved it passionately.

        Allegedly, the big Hilton boys had wanted to close it for a while, and the WTC disaster just became an excuse.

        Laurent Gras is still in town, looking for work. IMHO, as the second-best chef in town (after Tom Colicchio), he won't have much difficulty.

        As for Peacock Alley, surely it will come back as something else--Phoenix Alley?

        Anyway, I fear this is the first of many closings. Everybody--PLEASE dine out as often as you can possibly afford to.


        1. re: Tom Steele

          Thanks Tom..

          That is a shame....

          I was trying to be optimistic.

          So there goes Sunday Brunch? It always seemed a success. (If the economy doesn't destroy them, I fear they will do it to themselves.)

          I agree with your assessment regarding its placement within the hotel... at least for dinner. (But I stay there, so easy enough for me, although I certainly didn't eat at Peacock as often as I could have. Just recently I posted I didn't feel they advertised Peacock Alley enough. I prefer it over any of their other restaurants - ANY day.)

          If you find out where Laurent Gras ends up, please do post. I too will add a post, should I read any news on his whereabouts.