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Sep 19, 2001 05:32 PM

Need chowhounds opinion on NOBU

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I am from California near SF. How is the food at NOBU compared to other Japanese rest in NY ? Comments from fellow chowhounds are always respected by me. Thanks.

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  1. Nobu is a very particular kind of japanese restaurant with a fusion of some south american spices and condiments with traditional japanese sushi and sashimi. It's been around long enough so that some chefs from there have gone to other places (e.g., Bond Street, which serves similar sushi with interesting accents but for much lower prices). Nobu is great but very expensive and japanese folks tend to be split on whether it's worth it.

    In any case not traditional japanese food -- for knock your socks off japanese food in NYC try the kaiseki cuisine at sugiyama, gyoza dumplings at reireiken, tokyo-style soba at soba nippon, roast japanese sweet potato at hero's sweet potatoes, izakaya (range of appetizers and small dishes eaten with drinks) at takahachi or go. All can be looked up on except hero's sweet potatoes (30 E. 13th street).

    1. Welcome to New York, and thanks for visiting at this time!

      I haven't been to Nobu, but many other chowhounds have. Just do a search. Use the "Edit - Find" feature on your browser or use the search function on the home page.

      1. I still think Nobu is worth a trip. Don't go for the sushi though. There are much better places in NYC for sushi, but the sashimi salad, rock shrimp tempura and especially the black cod with miso are fantastic.

        1. Been to Nobu once. Went for the $120 omakase dinner. Good ambience, friendly waiters. Decent sake.

          The first three courses were excellent. My wife did not particularly like the grilled eel (oily with chewy skin but if you are into that kind of thing - very good). The toro with a slice of jalapeno pepper and orange sauce was excellent and so was the first course that I forget. The main course was seared rare duck on a bed of pureed sweet potatoes - almost French in its execution. Excellent. The whole fried fish was novel but I do not like fried food that much - again, if it is your cup of tea... The sashimi was not amazing but good. However, the miso soup following the sashimi put me over the top. Oh! so this is how miso should taste like. The tofu was velvety and fresh. The miso was a religious experience if I ever had one. The dessert was a American style chocolate cake with ice cream and sprinkled with green tea (highly avoidable).

          Overall, excellent but not the truly remarkable dinner at Sugiyama. Would I go there again - I am trying to get another reservation but...

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            Bill Lukashok

            the problem I have with NOBU is twofold: one, expectations (and prices) are very high and it is hard for any place to measure up to this kind of hype. Second, the attitude is overpowering - and I'm a homegrown New Yorker who is not cowed by much of anything. If you go, you'll get very good food, but other places can provide very good food and a much more pleasent atmosphere.