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Sep 18, 2001 09:15 AM

Review: italian cafe on 10th/1av-great tiramisu

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Went to Taralucci & Vino,
for a 2nd visit.theyve been open a month or so.

its a tiny little cafe....they make sandwiches as well as deserts. never tried the sandwiches.

the espresso was very good, mild but if you make this brand wrong it would taste thin. the tiramisu was fantastic. not soggy, good flavor, purely mascarpone....made by the owner. this is a desert which is extremely fatigued in most places, but not here.

the profiteroles are good but not my kinda thing....they carry 1 or 2 of those bindi deserts, (e.g. that ubiquitous but still reaonably tasty berry cake "frutti di bosco")

great amaretti & pignoli cookies....a number of other things we didnt try....

small selection of high quality teas....

defintely a keeper, but this place is small-- a few seats up front, and maybe 5 tables in the back...

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