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Sep 18, 2001 03:28 AM

Is the lower East Side back to business?????

  • j

I love that area and I am worried a lot for my old hood. Since I moved to LA 6 month ago I lost track of my favorite neighborhood, Whats new? is it still cooking?! I can't wait to come visit!

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  1. Stopped by yesterday at Kossars, several Chinatown stalls, and Russ & Daughters. Most Chinatown food stalls were open and seemed to be doing OK (can't speak for the restaurants). Kossars was empty at 2pm as was Economy Candy; Russ & Daughters was also really hurting on the day before Rosh Hashana--all that smoked fish and no one to buy it. Normally they'd have a line outside but the people from places like Brooklyn never made it. Bereket was also empty, but I didn't see what their lunchtime traffic was like.

    As previous threads suggest, if they have the liquidity, Chowhounds need to spend money everywhere they can (all nationalities, please!), especially downtown.

    NY Chowhounds (groups and individuals) can do a kind of "Hungry Pedaller" thing (is that bike group still going on, by the way?). Chowhounds would pick 5 to ten places downtown (bakeries, etc.) and spread their business around to a number of different vendors, not just one. They need your help now.