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Sep 17, 2001 02:29 PM

seafood in chinatown

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any suggestions on where we can take my sister in manhattan's chinatown (or sunset park) to celebrate her birthday later this month? we are seafood lovers with adventurous palettes. kam chueh, it seems, has already been 'discovered'. we'd love to try something new. thanks for the tips.

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  1. Hi, Carol--

    Funky Broome has some wonderful seafood, including razor clams in black bean sauce that I've been guilty of ordering every time I go. Also great salt and pepper rock fish, great eel dishes (some live from the tank), etc. It has a slightly more upscale decor than lots of other places, too. Do a search (homepage, right side) to find a literal goldmine of tips on what to order there.

    Also, we have tons and tons of members, so it will be hard for us to get to know you with an undistinctive nametag like Carol. Maybe be a bit more creative? Or at least distinct? Thanks!

    1. We have had very good meals at Ping's at 22 Mott Street. Their speacialty is seafood. Wherever you wind up enjoy and let us know where you went!

      1. I don't think you should discount a restaurant just because it's been "discovered". You can go to the tried and trues and order more adventerous items--for example, goeduck sashimi. Ping's on Mott is a great suggestion and would be my number one choice. I would also recommend Oriental Garden for seafood. I was there once for a banquet and they pulled off some great dishes (including goeduck sashimi). Stick to the seafood though. Other items on their menu are pretty ho hum. Better yet, just go to either Oriental Garden or Ping's and see what fabulous sea denizens they have in their tanks. I believe I've seen scorpion fish at both places. At Oriental Garden, I've seen these huge monster sized crabs that look like they weigh 8-10 lbs each.

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          Those huge crabs might be Dungeness crabs or as many chinese call it the Vancouver crab (don't know why). A typical cantonese preparation would be with XO sauce over a bed of ho-fun (wide rice noodles). The noodles absorb all the juices from the cracked crab and XO sauce to have a nice, spicy dish I usually leave for lunch the next day.

          1. re: Wendy L.

            Hmmmm, I've seen (and eaten) many a dungeness crab. And although some of them can get quite large, the ones I'm talking about are 3-4 times larger than your average dungeness. Judging by the claws, they look like they have a thicker shell too (more rock crab-like). Of course, these could always be mutant dungeness, but I'm betting that it's an entirely different species. By the way, keep an eye out for a crab that looks similar to the dungeness, but has longer legs and is almost entirely white. I find the flesh on these to be sweeter in flavor and more delicate in texture.

            Also I forgot to mention that you can ask for conch sashimi at Oriental Garden which is quite refreshing.