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Sep 16, 2001 11:45 AM

Chowhound's favorite places to stay in Manhattan

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Hello, We will be coming to Manhattan on Nov. 10th for 2 nights. We live in New England and participate on the chowhound boards there. We are looking for a chow-houndish place to stay and good places to eat near by. The goal is: a clean and interesting stay, well placed for food and things to do (Museums and off-broadway shows, etc.) without paying for more than what we will actually be getting. We checked rates at the Murry Hill Inn, $129 a night, and we will get our own bathroom, "I should hope so!". We realize that these message boards are about food and we will take all the recomendations you can give on anything great, but a nice affordable place to lay our heads must come first.

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  1. Check out the website below for hotel discounts. Glad you're visiting New York.


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      It is uncertain what will happen to the hotel rates in New York. That said, there is no way to "sleep cheap" in the City, and the taxes are very high. In most second or third-tier cities there really isn't much difference in quality between say an AmeriSuites and a Marriott. But not in New York!

      Cheap hotels in NY are very crummy!

      I view a hotel as part of the travel experience and so would recommend The Roosevelt (Madison at Grand Central Terminal) it is a very grand old 1920's hotel and has been recently renovated, it is typical old New York, I have paid between 129 and 159 depending on when I went. If you are travelling with a family I would think that the Embassy Suites at Times Square (haven't stayed there, but at other of their properties) has a suite with kitchenette, sofa-bed, free American breakfast and free cocktail hour.

      Can't give you restaurant choices, there are too many, keep reading the board!

      Have a great trip.

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        A favorite of mine is the Salisburh Hotel on W.57th between 6th and 7th Ave-directly across from Planet Hollywood and caddie corner across from Russian Tea Room- 2 blks from Central Park and across from the Parker Meridian Hotel.

        Room rate included FULL CONTINENTAL BKFST-bagels,danish,cereal,fruit,coffee,milk,juice

        Room rate-$169 double==$209 1 bed suite
        Not particularly fancy--renovated lobby area -
        rooms OK but HUGE with fridge and safe and large closet.

        Have been staying here for over 20 years!

      2. We got a really good rate at Hampton Suites IIRC (corner of 40th and 5th) for $174/night. Family emergency kept us from using it...looked great, great location. Have also had friends commend the Salisbury. Check the budget travel boards (Expedia, HotRes, etc.) I found a phone call to the hotel asking if they'd match the nonrefundable rate was successful. We've also stayed at the Hotel Wellington (7th Ave and 57th, across the st. from Salisbury) and got two rooms "suite" with full kitchen for $199. It's a favorite with Europeans, good location, clean rooms but with very dim lighting, a little faded. Loved the location, though.