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Sep 14, 2001 11:36 AM

in reference to the gay owned restaurants

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Do the "gay chowhounds" ever get together for dinner and conversation?

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  1. Until this post on gay-owned restaurants appeared, I don't believe anyone really knew each other. Anyway, sounds like a great idea to me!

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    1. re: Gaydar

      I wonder if any of the chowhounds actually meet and get together to introduce themselves to one another. I have a friend that chats on jazz central station and several times a year they get together for a jazz hang down in the city. Gaydar..maybe we have something here.

      1. re: Richie
        Frank Language

        A chowhound meet has sometimes been proposed, and people have gotten together at times (I've met a few people from this board), but we've never really managed to organize "the biggie" - as far as I know, anyway.

        I think it would be cool to have a Chowhound get together; as far as I know the San Franciscans have already done it, but if we've already had it in New York, I missed it. The problem has always been with organizing such a gathering; will anyone step forward to do it?

        1. re: Frank Language

          Hi - I attended a Chowhound get-together this winter that was suggested by Peter Flom (I think that's his name-hope I spelled it correctly) at Grand Szechuan in the 50s that was IMO wonderful. Grand Szechuan also has a location in Chelsea on 24th Street & 9th Avenue that's terrific. That's my suggestion: to get together at the one in Chelsea - it's reasonable, delicious and the food just keeps coming out and we can all share. At the last dinner, we put ourselves in the hands of the manager and the chef just kept sending out fabulous food-dumplings, fish, meat, vegies.

          I'm open to other restaurants and the more the merrier - gay/straight/whatever. What was so much fun, in addition to sharing so many delicious dishes, was sitting around the tables and "breaking bread" with other Chowhounds.

          Now for the logistics: I'm going to throw out some dates just to get the ball rolling:
          Friday September 28 @ 7 p.m.
          Sunday September 30 @ 1 p.m.
          Friday October 5 @ 7:30 p.m.
          Saturday, October 6 @ 7:30 p.m.
          Monday October 8 (Columbus Day) 7:00 p.m.
          These are just suggested dates/times. How does that work for other Chowhounds? Also open for other restaurant suggestions.

          Let's get this going. More than ever, we need a little lightheartedness here after all the madness this week and what's to follow. No, it won't take away the horror but it would be something nice to look forward to.

          1. re: Ruby

            It's going to be tought getting a crowd together but that place sounds like fun.

            1. re: Richie

              It's always difficult to get even a 'crowd' of three together to agree on what movie to see but I threw some times & dates out, so am waiting for response. Are you in? Any other Chowhounds? Suggestions?

              BTW, there's a scene in the musical "Auntie Mame" where they sing "we need a little Christmas" to help lighten the mood. Well, we need something here. I wish I had the power to go back to the morning of September 11 and be able to stop the horror and events of that terrible morning. I'd give just about anything to do that.

            2. re: Ruby

              What a great idea!

              I am a newbie on this board but I would love to join you. For me 10/6 works the best. I have never been to Grand Szechuan but if you guys know it is good I am all for it. Do they have good Pekin Duck?

              I would like to suggest Golden Unicorn for consideration. Their dumplings are great.

              I hope we can get a large group together. I agree with you Frank we need something new after a steady diet of CNN, NY1, and the local news.

              1. re: Maria

                Hi Peter, Maria and Chowhounds - Peter, I've made a note of your preference and Maria, also noted your suggestion of Golden Unicorn. That's a good restaurant too and they handle banquets very well.

                Waiting to hear from other hounds if they want to join us - suggestions of restaurants, best day and time. I threw out a few suggested days in my earlier post. This will be terrific - to be with other hounds & chow down.

              2. re: Ruby

                I'm up for it. I can't organize it at all this time, since I am trying to put my work life back together (reminder, take your back up disks HOME from work). But it would be fun.

                Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights are best for me.


                1. re: Ruby

                  I'm interested, but it would have to be after Oct. 2 for me.

                  1. re: Pan

                    I can only do it on a friday night or saturday.I am coming down from CT..I live about 75 miles from the city.

                    1. re: Richie

                      Hi guys. I'm into anything. It'd be nice to get together and do some serious chowin'. Not quite sure of scheduling. I'd have to defer to ya'll and see what pops in common on my calendar. Yikes, first day back at work. It's nice to think about living. Love to all.

                      1. re: Richie

                        Both Friday and Saturday nights can work for me with sufficient advance notice (and providing I'm not called for a last-minute gig). Saturday lunch would not work.

                    2. re: Ruby

                      I'm interested. Any of the October dates work for me.

                      1. re: Ruby

                        Why not combine the Call to Eat at Middle-Eastern places with the Chowhound meet? I've available from now until 9/30 (when I'll be flying to SF) and then again after 10/9. Any day of the week is good for me. Also, I suggest we shouldn't worry about how many people can make any particular day. If you do it when I'm out of town, we'll just have to do another meet soonafter.

                        1. re: Ruby

                          I think I can speak for my twin and I that we would like to meet our fellow NYC chowhounds over a meal of delicious food. All dates suggested sound far. "Planning for the future" sounds like such a 'normal' thing to do! My biggest obstacle will be 'staying up' for dinner (lol)...since this crisis, I've been doing more sleeping than eating!

                          1. re: Ruby

                            So Frank, is the chowhound meeting still on?