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Sep 13, 2001 08:44 PM

Cancel trip to Manhattan? Yes? No?

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New York chowhounds--

First off, my heartfelt compassion goes out to you and your loved ones. There are no words to describe the sorrow. Being glued to the TV screen non-stop, I've not even stopped to eat. With that in mind, my husband and I have a chow-trip planned to New York (we're staying in Manhattan), and assuming we can actually fly out of Denver, we're leaving next Friday. But we're still debating...should we cancel our trip or should we continue with our plans?


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  1. I'm not as far. On Long Island. But I'll visit prior to Friday -- My feeling is....... You can't let them stop you from doing what is reasonable. I think by that time, traveling to NY from Denver will be.

    Enjoy your trip, if you decide to go/come.

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    1. re: T

      In what I am going to say, I speak only for myself, and, with one exception, will be the odd one out. Yes, most definitely, cancel your trip. Don't come. I live in midtown, and, while restaurants here are open, more people just get in the way. This just is not a time for tourists and visitors, and, if saying this will hurt the hotel and restaurant business, and any other business that specially caters to tourists, well, thats the way is has to be.

      1. re: walter

        I can understand feeling that way.

        Certainly no one should come to gwak. But I do not think that is what you were referring to.

        If I'm not mistaken, I am sorry you feel that way.

    2. Lori, my folks are also visiting from Denver next weekend. They're still planning to come (Producers tickets!), assuming they make it home from SF first.

      Where do you intend to eat?


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      1. re: Cathy L.

        So far, we've got dinner reservations at 71 Clinton, Babbo, Chicama, Balthazar, Gramercy Tavern, and Daniel--lots of indulgent eating! Now we just have to figure out lunches, and I think we'll probably spend quite a bit of time in Queens just grazing...

        1. re: Lori Midson

          Great! Sounds like you still plan to go. Next Thursday will be when I fly back to NY, since the air traffic problems mean I cannot get home this weekend and I will instead go to my next client's site on Monday. NY I miss you.

      2. I hope you and your husband will continue with your plans to visit New York - barring some unknown catastrophe in the USA (let's hope not!). My office was closed on Wednesday, the day after the carnage, and it was a beautiful sunny day in Manhattan. My friend and I walked along 8th Avenue in Chelsea and couldn't believe all the people sitting and enjoying lunch and drinks at the outside sidewalk cafes. You would never have known what had just happened. It felt like a beautiful Saturday afternoon instead of Wednesday. New Yorkers are generous, resilient and goodhearted. Don't be intimidated by these terrorists -that's what they want: to bring a great city and the U.S. to its knees. Well, it ain't gonna happen!

        Just share with us where you're going to eat and if you want any suggestions, you'll get plenty from these Chowhounds!

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        1. re: Ruby

          Hi Ruby--

          Actually, I'm not worried about flying or terrorists (although having just heard on the news of the 10 people detained at JFK and LaGuardia today, my stomach continues to churn.) We were more concerned with the somber mood of New Yorkers, and whether or not it would be appropriate, under the circumstances, to add two more tourists to a city that's clearly in mourning. I keep seeing all those desperate people with their pictures of loved ones, and it just makes me sick. That being said, it sounds like New Yorkers are moving ahead with their lives, despite the massive loss of so many others. I suspect we will go--after all, we have a great eating itinerary! 71 Clinton, Babbo, Chicama, Gramercy Tavern, Daniel, and Balthazar. Haven't decided about lunches yet, but we'll probably head out of Manhattan for those.

        2. Come, by all means, if you can.

          The city is still a wonderful place.

          1. Lori,

            I would come. I think you'll find New Yorkers might be just a little kinder and gentler than usual. And I'm sure restaurants and hotels would welcome your patronage.

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            1. re: Dave Feldman

              We would love for you to come. The only disappointment will be that you probably won't get to meet one of those surly New Yorkers you may have heard so much about, as everyone is being so kind and generous.