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Sep 12, 2001 03:47 PM

Donations for Victims & Families

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The United Way of New York and the New York Community Trust have established a fund to help the victims of the attacks and their families. The September Eleventh Fund will provide immediate support to established emergency assistance agencies. Anyone wishing to contribute may send their donations in care of United Way, 2 Park Ave, New York, New York, 10016, or call: (212) 251-4035.

Donations are also being accepted on United Way of New York City's Web site:

My brother in law, spoke to a friend who works for Morgan Stanley. They can't find somewhere around 3000 of their employees, as of this morning. On a little bit of a brighter note, if there can be one, all I know who work in the area are just fine.

My condolences to each and every one of my fellow NY'ers.

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  1. Actually, Morgan Stanley has found the majority of their employees and they are fine. I just wanted to make that correction before people got worried.

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    1. re: abb

      Thank you SO much.

      I haven't spoken to them since VERY early, but will call them now to make sure they are aware too.

      This is so horrible.

      1. re: T

        As of now, it seems they still don't know or have them all.

        If you were going by the Wall Street Journal, you might want to read this:

        "Late on Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal said on its Web site that Morgan Stanley had told employees in a memo that its personnel working in the building had survived the attack.

        However, Morgan Stanley spokesman Ray O’Rourke denied any confirmation of the safety of firm’s employees in the building, saying they were mainly back-office, support and marketing staff.

        “We are continuing to account for employees,” O’Rourke told Reuters.

        Morgan Stanley also said on its Web site that a call
        center has been established for employee-related safety
        concerns at 1-888-883-4391."


        Morgan Stanley: