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Sep 9, 2001 12:18 PM

A bread question/ an ice cream recomendation

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hi all,
i'm new to chowhound, and i hope someone has an answer to this question.
until a couple of years ago, the westside market on broadway and 77 st sold a wonderful bread. it was from a brooklyn bakery and came in several flavors: one was a white bread with onions on top, another maybe had nuts, and a whole wheat i was crazy about. the loaves were rather large. i'm told the uptown westside market still sells the onion bread but i haven't found the whole wheat elsewhere, and would love to know the name of the bakery... or where to find that whole wheat bread...
as my contribution to the list, i recommend to ice cream loving west siders to try the ciao bella pints -any flavor but pistachio, which has soggy nuts. citarella has the amazing mango and passion fruit (orangey) sorbets. (they also have creamy ronnybrook raspberry) and balduccis now sells the ciao bella caramel flavor.

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