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le jardin on cleveland place

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has anyone eaten here? were you pleased? food? price? ambiance?

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  1. the real thing
    reasonably priced
    owner has character

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      We've gone there many times, have always found it comfortable and pleasant. The steak au poivre with fries is delicious, as is the cassoulet. Salads are fine. We like the atmosphere and find it to be a good deal and quiet enough for conversation. The garden is pleasant in summer.

    2. We were there for lunch early in the summer and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Last week we went back without calling only to find the place closed for vacation.
      There could be nicer gardens around town but the total experience, friendly waiters, good food, good wine, and good prices makes it very nice. The overhead grape vines give nice shade and sprinkles the place here and there with sunlight.

      1. Last time we went to le jardin we were treated poorly. When we asked whether there was a table available in the garden the host responded with a curt "No." He did not offer to sit us in the main dining room and just walked away from us. We walked out, never to return.

        1. One of our favorites. Solid , unfussy bistro cuisine served in a warm, relaxing atmosphere by very friendly French waiters that have never shown us any attitude. Great in the warm weather for the garden and very cozy during the winter months in the front room.

          1. thought it was only OK. friendly but absent-minded service, sporadic flavors (v.good mains, bland sides), not-so-good house wine, but an affordable bistro dinner. prolly wont return with all the bistros to try in the 'hood.

            1. Read in today's Times that Gerard is gone. Does that mean I can no longer order the sweetbread salad for lunch even though it's not on the menu? Anyone have any info?


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                I'd love to know if Gerard Maurice has plans for another restaurant. Le Jardin Bistro was a wonderful creation but the ambience deteriorated. Even so, most of the food was incredibly delicious and I'll miss it.

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                  I am gerard thank you for the compliment .I NOW LIVE IN FRANCE NEAR NANTES
                  and I LOVE TO COOK FOR YOU IF YOU COME
                  kiss gerard maurice

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                    Isn't this the space used for the nightclub scenes in Scorcese's movie Mean Streets?

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                      au revoir chef gerard.

                      we will miss you!

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                        When Gerard Maurice was the owner, the "Bistro" was alive and it was because of him. I stuck my head in the other day to find the Vines in the garden drastically cut back and the inside tables all but gone. I spent many a night in the Garden with Gerard drinking Muscadet and eating like the Dauphine. It was magical and I too wish he would return to run another Bistro...he is missed.