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Sep 7, 2001 01:39 PM

Sandwich Planet

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Is sandwich planet as good as people say??

do they do a good tuna?? do they do any veggie stuff??

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  1. Sandwich Planet is definitely as good as people say. The bread comes from the best bakeries in the city and the fillings are superb. I recommend the French dip (have it to stay), the Lollabrigida and the Vesuvius. In addition, the owner is the nicest guy. This is a must-try place for sublime sandwich seekers.

    1. Yes.
      And where do they get their bread?

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      1. re: Minty

        I know Sullivan Street Bakery is definitely one of their suppliers. Their panini come on stirato, rosemary foccacia, ciabbata and pizza bianco. They're all fantastic, and have an artisanal-quality taste, though the rosemary foccacia can sometimes over-complicate some combinations.

      2. Where is sandwich planet??

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        1. re: j.

          It's on 9th Avenue between 39th and 40th. It's a teeny place, so keep an eye out or you'll miss it.

        2. We finally got there 2 days ago (after having it on our must-go list since the place opened). Gotta say we were unimpressed. The turkey was dry, and a few slices of turkey and a piece of cheese on burnt bread was not worth the $7.50 we paid. Are they under new management or something? We won't go back--other sandwich places have excited our taste buds much more.

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          1. re: Loeb

            That's too bad about the turkey sandwich. I have heard that complaint a few other times, too.

            But you should give it another go and try the hot specialty sandwiches instead -- like the churasco, which is what the owner is well known for. (It's a grilled chicken breast sandwich.) We especially like the fiery napalm (with habanero sauce and jalapenos) and the black 'n blue.

            1. re: adrienne

              Y'know, we thought we should have tried one of those. We will. Thanks.

              1. re: Loeb

                I used to work over there and ordered from them quite a bit. The turkey can be quite dry. They make a decent Au Jus, but I would second the nod on the Churassco's