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Sep 7, 2001 12:00 PM

Balducci's on 66th Street

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Is it my imagination, or are they absurdly overpriced?
I love that they're so convenient and the store is inviting. But in certain items they're almost double Fairway and Zabars.

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  1. Yes, they're overpriced, but not nearly as much as Dean & Decadent. Also, for some strange reason the produce is always in better shape at this location than the stuff at the Village original.

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    1. re: Ben

      I recall from my brief stint as an upper west sider that this Balducci's is exhorbitant (not that the one downtown isn't also pricey, but at least the crowds there discourage one from really loading up one's cart). Unless you live in the Met, there's really no reason not to head up to Fairway for produce and Citarella for fish and meat; the only real benefits I've seen that attach to the Balducci's are the shorter cash register line and the admittedly better cheese selection.

    2. you are absolutely right. this place is a rip-off. prices are at least 2x higher than fairway, and zabars. in some cases its even 3x the price, and worse yet, it's quality does not compare.