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Sep 7, 2001 10:54 AM

Plse recommend New York /Lower Manhattan eateries

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Hi, We're holidaying in New York from England from 15th - 24 September with a two day stay in Boston. (My husband and I are in our 50s and our son of 18) We would like to try Italian, Chinese,authentic American and any other unusual food that we don't necessarily find in our Middle England area. There's such an array of restaurants in Little England/Chinatown that we'd really appreciate recommendations. We're staying at the Washington Square Hotel. Price range reasonable but not expensive but with the emphasis on tasty.

Please could you help. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For American, I'd recommend a visit to Blue Ribbon Bakery in the Village. It has all kinds of dishes and you can mix and match your way to a great lunch or dinner. For Chinese, use the Chowhound search feature and read about New Green Bo, Evergreen, New York Noodle Town, etc. For Italian, you're staying around the corner from Babbo, which is an amazing restaurant. It'll cost you at least $100 for two before drinks or win, but it's well worth it.

    1. For Italian try Lupa at 170 Thompson Street(212-982-5089) or I Coppi at 432 East 9th Street (212-254-2263). Lupa is near your hotel, I Coppi is crosstown in the East Village but walkable. If you want to splurge go to Blue Hill at 75 Washington place (212-539-1776) which is new American and very close to where you're staying. All three places have very good food and friendly service. If you want someplace very New York go to the Second Ave. Deli near10th Street or Katz's Deli at 205 East Houston Street and get a corned beef or pastrami sandwich.Wash it down with a Dr. Brown's Cel -Ray soda and you're a citizen.

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        I love I Coppi, but it's rather expensive - over $50/person on average for dinner, I imagine.

      2. Lately, with the increase in traffic here, I seem to post recommendations of Lavagna and Mosto every two days. I sure hope they're still as good as the last time I ate there. Do a search for other posts on those restaurants.

        My folks were in London this summer and say that they ate better Chinese food in a restaurant in London than they've ever had here in New York, for what it's worth.

        Enjoy your stay here!

        1. do walk around the Greenwich Village neighborhood below the park & your hotel. Get some pizza @ JOHN'S on bleecker street, it's about the best version of NY-style coal oven pizza. your son will love it and the neighborhood i am sure. you all may like some coffee @ CAFE REGGIO on macdougal street also very near where you are staying. it's the oldest coffee shop in the USA. good place to take a break before you go back in the hotel. if you get homesick, walk west on greenwich ave. past 7th ave. to the fish&chips shop A SALT AND BATTERY, i'd be interested in hearing your review of it and/or TEA & SYMPATHY next door. enjoy.