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Sep 4, 2001 01:59 AM

lebanese food

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Does anyone remember how incredible the lebanese food was at benny's on Amsterdam Avenue and 75th St? They served cauliflower and carrots with tahini that I have never been able to find since they sold the store to new owners 10 years ago. They also served chicken with avocado that was to die for. I don't even know if the food was authentic but it was phenomonel and very fresh. For those who remember Benny's the way it was in the 1980's please let me know where I can find that food again.

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  1. Good news! It's still there! And it's still good!

    Try their new chicken shawarma with paprika (on a spit.) I go there at least once a week to take stuff home. Their tabboule is the best I've had anywhere. Avocado with chicken is my favorite of the chicken salads. Everything's so lemony. Babaganoush is so smokey and fresh. Don't get me started!

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      Dear Lynn:
      I know that it is still there now and it is OK. Did you eat there when they first opened arund 15 years ago? It was incredible back then. It went from one of a kind to good which makes me very sad

    2. i don't know bennie's from the 80's, but there is a new lebanese place on 45th b/w 5-6 called bread from beirut that is pretty good. mostly standard middle eastern items, but pretty good quality, and a few interesting things including lebanese breads and some savory pastries.