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Mar 28, 2002 12:21 PM

In SF for 1 night!

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My husband and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in SF and I am looking for an amazing dinner. . . .I want a nice atmosphere(but not too formal), great food, great service and great wine. Price is not a consideration. I'd love any suggestions. Thanks

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  1. r
    Rochelle McCune

    If I were to pick one restaurant that is most amazing - Masa's

    1. Try the Fifth Floor, or Farallon

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      1. re: Mrs Smith
        Cherlock Bones

        Agree on "Farallon."

      2. I had a wonderful dinner at Aziza recently. Great food (we had the tasting menu, which I would recommend--and order the mint tea with dessert!), great atmosphere (beautiful rooms--we were in the orange one), great service. Can't speak to the wine aspect, though it is reportedly very good. It may not be one of those places that immediately jump to mind as "the cream of SF", but I had a truly lovely experience there.

        I also had a super souffle-fest at Cafe Jacqueline not too long ago.