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Sep 1, 2001 04:54 PM

Shrikand at New Madras Palace

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Went back to New Madras Palace for the first time since I posted about it last summer (link below). Everything was much as it was last time. The standouts for me, again, was the fresh and refreshing bhel puri (studded this time with even more fresh tomatoes and peppers than last time) and the Palace Rava Masala dosa. The curries are still weaker than Mavalli's, although the palak paneer was fine.

But the big surprise for me was the first Indian dessert that has ever really pleased me. For those who are unfamiliar, shrikand is a yogurt pudding (sometimes, it contains cottage cheese, too). The constants seem to be cardomon, condensed milk and pistachio. The few times I've tried shrikand before, the cardomon taste predominated, and it tasted one-dimensional. New Madras Palace's had a distinct orange flavor, and was not too sweet. Definitely worth forsaking thoughts of kulfi, ice cream, or gulab jaman.

Is it unusual for shrikand to be fruit flavored? I could see lemon or mango flavors working wonderfully well.


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  1. "Is it unusual for shrikand to be fruit flavored? I could see lemon or mango flavors working wonderfully well"

    bingo! the maharastrians, who along with the gujarathis also make shrikand, love fruit flavoured shrikand. but it tends to be with chunky pieces of fruit (orange is a favourite). real fancy shrikand is also topped with saffron and a sprinkling of crushed nuts.

    given that your getting great bhel and shrikhand, the bet is you've got a gujarati in the kitchen. so its interesting that your also getting a great dosa. or perhaps you've found the rare gujarati cook who makes a splendid rava dosa or vice versa.

    see if they dahi have batata puri on the menu - i like it even more than bhel when its done well.

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      Anil Khullar

      "....Gujaratis in the kitchen ...."
      Of late, New Madras Palace has a few bangals in their kitchen. The srikhand's begin flavored the way they are in no indication of ........

      1. re: Anil Khullar

        no, no, a thousand times no! banglas making decent shrikand AND bhel puri?

        then pigs can fly.


      2. re: howler
        Dave Feldman

        No chunks of orange in this rendition. What I liked about this shrikand more than any I've tried is the lack of both excessive sweetness and dominance of the cardamon flavoring. Heck, you could even taste the yogurt.