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Sep 1, 2001 10:33 AM

Fun Italian for next SAt

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Can someone recommend a not too uptight Italian rest. for next Sat...not too the Village, Chelsea or Sono area...tried Beppe, but they are booked.

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  1. Il Cantinori, on E 10th, one of my favorites is a little more north than you might like. I've always found the staff made my experience fun and not uptight at all, but rather extremely relaxed, IMHO.

    I have searched and found others find it might be too pricey, but you might want to look into it nevertheless.

    Piccolo Angolo, another favorite, on Hudson, is a bargain, but something totally different from Il Cantinori and good too, even though not up to the more sophisticated level of the other, IMO. It reminds me of holidays, eating in a room with my entire, extended Italian family. But a whole lot of fun, if you don't mind the noise. I know they were closing down for a couple of weeks holiday. But should be open by now.


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      Rosalie Greenbaum

      Thanks so much for your speedy reply and sorry mine was not. However, I hurried to make a reservation at Il Cantinori, a place I've been meaning to go to and had forgotten about. I look forward to it.

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        Hi Rosalie...

        Ahhhhh.. the favorite of mine.

        Hope you enjoyed your meal!