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Aug 31, 2001 07:04 PM

special dinner- best of the best

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hi chowhounds-

i was just offered the chance to have dinner at any NYC restaurant on an unlimited expense account. it's dinner for 4: me, my girlfried, my boss and his wife.

i want to choose somewhere really special and extravagant that i normally wouldn't be able to aford. somewhere where the food will be sublime, unforgettable, amazing.

my boss is a big wine enthusiast, so it should be a place where he'll be able to go all out.

i know that these questions have come up before on the boards, but i wanted to get your most up-to-date assessment of the NYC restaurant scene.

please help me make the most of this opportunity. thanks in advance for your replies.


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  1. For a very discussion of a very similar situation, see link below


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Thanks for the reply, Jim. (And by the way, congrats on the recent publicity. I was thrilled to read the New Yorker piece.)

      I've already seen the posts to which you referred, but since that discussion took place over two years ago, I thought I'd raise the issue again. I wonder if chowhounds have changed their opinions about the best NYC restaurants since 1999.

      1. re: JP

        hope you get lots of fresh tips, but (for the sake of those reading along) there was good stuff in that thread, and some evergreen strategizing suggestions

    2. For unlimited budget I would recommend Atlas and ask for their Menu Spontane, a tasting menu that ends when you say stop! This is adventurous food minus the pretentious air. Actually just the 8 course tasting menu was enough food for us last time.

      Danube would be a nice choice, too. David Bouley seem to care about his customer's over all dining experience. The decor is very rich and ornate, and yet it's a comfortable dining area. They have special Austrian wine selections, and very special wine glasses(beer, too) that greatly enhances the wine.

      Also, do a search for Adam Stephanide's posts, as he has extensive reports on quite a few restaurants that fits your need.


      1. When the dinner is the star of the show and the sole reason for a night out I head to Alain Ducasse.
        The table is yours for the night and the appointments are sublime (although the art on the wall is iffy)
        The wine list is a crime but since money isn't an obstacle why not pamper yourself with a night of luxury?

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          Anil Khullar

          I'd say Veritas. E 20s. This s a very under-appreciated place. Of!Course there is ADNY and if seafood is your choice LeBernardin.

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            Michael Zimmerman

            "Best" is a personal judgement, but I'd recommend Gramercy Tavern. It has all the qualities you seek, isn't too "French" and the setting is warm and friendly, rather than cosmopolitan and romantic. It is where I would take my boss.