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Aug 31, 2001 10:02 AM

Birthday party

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Any recommendations for a place for private birthday party, either dinner or lunch, for about 30 people?

Manhattan preferred.

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  1. Lupa (italian)
    La Palapa (mexican)
    Cafe Asean (you could take the whole place -great asian food)
    Cafe Noir (spanish/moroccan - you could all fit in the back area - -but it's not a private room)

    1. Try Mooza in the Lower East Side. It is really nice and they have a beautiful back garden. I had dinner there last week and there was a birthday party at the time for at least 25 people.

      1. I had to reply because I was an undergrad at Princeton in the early 70s and a psych major to boot. Then I went to the dark side and got a Ph.D. at Yale.

        The back of the book in Zagat that lists private party rooms isn't bad - or Gramercy Tavern has a room for 22 that is nice but pricey. Cello has a room - but it feels too medieval to me. Le Bernardin has a room for 10. 27 Standard has a great room for 33 but it closed! Eleven Madison has flexible space - prob. not really cheap either. There is a mezzanine (fairly private) at Ruby Foo West Side fairly fun and a narrow private room at Carmine's upper West side - could hold 30 and food is great. Four Seasons has two private rooms. Le Grenouille has the prettiest-and prettiest flowers. You're wise to look for a room -the ones you can take over in toto tend to charge an arm & a leg. I Truilli could probably do something in one part or another. Pisces has an upstairs room they might block off. P. is a bargain with good fish. I've looked a lot either for client functions or for the Bat Mitzvah we'll probably not do for my kid. So if there's anything specific/ place in mind - please ask.

        1. PS
          The Blue Water Grill at 16th and Union Square has two lovely rooms downstairs-one may have been a bank valut. Good menu-good website-brunch really reasonable. (You don't say whether stairs/basements are out.)