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Aug 30, 2001 08:06 AM

visit Manhattan

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My wife and I are visiting Manhattan this weekend for the first time. We enjoy trying lots of ethnic foods, but do not want to spend a whole lot on food while in New York. I read about this site in the New Yorker recently, and thought I would check to see if anyone might have suggestions of little vendors to try for enjoyment and nourishment. We are staying around Columbus Circle, but do plan to venture out.

Paul Miller

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  1. Cheap but delicious food, little vendors - sounds like a job for Chinatown. Just take the A or the C train from Columbus Circle downtown to Canal Street - it's about a 20-minute ride - and Chinatown is a five-minute walk east on Canal. Or, it's maybe a $10 cab ride. There are many great cheap restaurants (use this site's search feature for more details) and lots of sidewalk vendors.

    1. Chez Napoleon, on 50th Street between 8th and 9th Ave.,
      is a very good, old-fashioned French bistro. Not
      fancy, not expensive, but charming in its own way.
      (Soft shell crabs were great last year!)
      Walk down 9th Ave. - there're delicious food shops
      all the way to 38th Street, or so.

      1. You can read the previous postings under the Manhattan boards, or walk down 9th Ave from 57th through mid 40s, since you are staying near Columbus Circle. Lined up are tons of restaurants, many do not require a reservation. Also the up'n'coming 8th Ave strech from 56th through 49th with a few new restaurants.

        9th Ave.
        56th: Bello and Puttenesca (Both Italian)
        55th: Ned Kelly's Irish
        54th: Julian's (Med.), Peruano (Peruvian)
        52nd: Old San Juan (Puerto Rican)
        51st: Rice &Beans (Brazilian),GSI (Chinese), Ouzeria (Greek)

        Do avoid the indian restaurants in 9th Ave. streach.

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        1. re: Anil Khullar

          I haven't been to Puttanesca for at least 1 1/2 years, but that's for a good reason: The food was not bad, but the service sucked every time I went there (3 times, I think). Waiters arguing with me that I had ordered something I didn't order, telling my mother to give them a tip, rather than waiting for the tip, etc. And I seldom complain about service anywhere.

          1. re: Pan
            Anil Khullar

            I cannot defend their service. Having said that, I'm in the neighborhood, and have gone there when it is not crowded - Something I do not have leeway when we are far off :-)

        2. Also check out Armstrong's Saloon at 57th Street and Tenth Avenue -- surprisingly extensive and diverse menu for what appears from the outside to be a dive bar.

          And what about Ethiopian? Meskerem, at 47th and Tenth, is delicious especially if you like it spicy!

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          1. re: Andy
            Anil Khullar

            Oh ! yes, Jimmy Armstrong's is a excellent choice.
            Try from the specials menu. If you are a beer lover, try the Old Speckeled Hen on tap :-)