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Aug 29, 2001 10:53 PM

Vegetarian place around midtown, and baklava

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I am coming to New York and would like to find a place in midtown that serves good vegetarian food for semi-special occasions. Looking for $10-15 for entrees, thereabouts. Also, any suggestions on good balkava? Not the wet, syruppy kind, but the flaky, dry kind that melts as you eat it. Thank you. -Chris

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  1. Look up Zen Palate, 49th and 9th Ave I think, and Zenith, 888 8th Ave for vegetarians. Do Not go to the Zen Palate on B'way in the 70s unless you like gooey sweet brown sauce on everything.....

    Enjoy NY!

    1. Don't forget Chinese and Indian options. Bukhara,
      on 49th between 2nd and 3rd, for instance, has
      excellent food. Try the black lentils. It's
      within your price range, or thereabouts, and has a
      pleasant room.
      Welcome to town!

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        Berl kaufman

        Yes, Bukhara has a lunch buffet that's excellent. I go there all the time. The service, btw, is superb, not that this matters much.

        I concur about the Zen Palate. It's great if you like mock meat with bizarre names. I happen to like that stuff.