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Aug 29, 2001 05:07 PM

Upper East Side Eats?

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I just moved to the Upper East Side (and just found this website due to The New Yorker!) I'm looking for suggestions for great food in my new neighborhood. Any ideas?

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  1. Red Cat on 75th bet. 1st and 2nd is great. the pre-fixe is a great bargain.

    BBQ on 72nd and 3rd is fine for take-out.

    JG Melon's on 75th and 3rd serves a great burger.

    EJ's is ok, but the wait for weekend breakfast is ridiculous.

    Coconut Grill, Googies should be stayed from.

    hope this helps. welcome to the neighborhood and let us all know what you try.

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    1. re: eva l.

      here are a bunch of places I like on the upper east side:

      * Tal Bagels, 86th bet. 1st and 2nd [branch on 60 something and 1st, too]

      * John’s Pizzeria, 64th between 1st and York (pies only--no slices) [other branches in village, etc.]
      * Georgio's Pizza on 2nd (I think) around 70th or so--not a traditional NY slice (a little gourmet for my taste), but pretty good nonetheless [other storefront on union square]

      * Trattoria Rustica, 85th bet. 1st and 2nd

      * Sharz, around 90th and 3rd
      * Barking Dog—about 78th and York--great comfort food if you can ignore the annoying people who eat there--for brunch try the poached eggs with caviar and creme fraiche (forgot the actual name of the dish)

      * Saigon Grill—around 87th and 1st

      * ELK Candy Company, on 2nd between 85th and 84th

      bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich:
      * Viand, 86th and 2nd

      * Wu Liang Ye, 86th bet. 2nd and 3rd (currently undergoing renovations)

      french (+ great hamburgers, moules frites):
      * Brasserie Julian--3rd and about 83rd or so

      * taco taco--wondeful little place--try the puerco enchilada torta

      my request--if anyone knows of a good NY slice on the upper east side, I'd be eternally grateful for the suggestion (seeing as I eat pizza at least once a day, and have yet to find a great slice in this area)




      1. re: Matt

        Matt, it might be a little far north for you, but have you tried Patsy's for slices (or pies)? It's on 2nd between 117 and 118, if memory serves. No exotic toppings (not even eggplant), just delicious, thin, crispy, bubbly crust, great sauce and the perfect amount of cheese, all cooked in an ancient coal oven.

        1. re: Beth P.

          There's also a Patsy's on 70 Street and 2nd Avenue (on the NE corner, I think?)

          1. re: Eva L.

            From what I understand, Patsy's is a licensed name (ie: there's no connection except for the name), and the only one that's good is the one in East Harlem.

            1. re: Eva L.
              elayne aschkenes

              Patsy's on 69th street is very good, so is John's on 64th st between 1st and York

          2. re: Matt

            Danny's Pizza on 2nd avenue between 87 and 88th is a tiny place that serves the best traditional pizza by the slice on the upper east side(59-96 st//York-5th ave)

            Eli's cafe at 91st and York just put in a pizza oven-also good but a bit pricey at 2.15 for a small slice.

            Aghatha and Valencia(79 +1st ave)) sells various cheese and tomato foccacias from 10AM until they run out.

            Patsy's uptown on 117th and 1st tops the above three.

            1. re: s sale

              Thanks for the tip about Danny's pizza. I tried it yesterday, and thought that it was pretty good--but it definitely did not blow me away.

              I usually like a little more sauce than they used (almost none), and also, I found something very strange about their slices--they dripped water. Usually, when one folds a slice of pizza, one sees red-tinged oil drip from the back of the crust. But this was not oil--it was water. Could it be that they're using very fresh mozzarella, and that the water is coming from that? I found it strange, whatever it was.

              Anyway, while I do appreciate the tip, I have to say that my search for a good slice of pizza on the Upper East Side continues...




            2. re: Matt

              Matt --

              Viand, Trattoria Rustica, Saigon Grill, they all rock...

              Pizza is a different story on the UES. Almost all are disappointing (I will give Danny's a try though). My advice is to go to John & Tony's (1st Avenue at 60th St.). To date (3+ years and running) it beats everything else I've tried up here.


              1. re: Dan-o

                Thanks for the suggestion, Dan-O--I'll give John & Tony's a try and get back to you.



                1. re: Dan-o

                  I tried John & Tony's tonight, Dan-O (couldn't wait!), and thought it was very good--exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for the suggestion.


                2. re: Matt

                  Matt, I understand that you are the real Pizza specialist here, but why don't you try some unusual Pizza (whole grain flour, unusual toppings) at Pintaile's on 2nd Ave between 64th and 65th. It's sold by the slice. Although they run in a different category, I think they beat John's (with its dry mushroom toppings... on 64th anytime for flavor.


                  1. re: Jutta

                    pintaile's has a location on 77th and york, too.

                  2. re: Matt

                    I think that I have finally found good pizza by the slice on the Upper East Side:

                    Gino's Pizzeria, on 83rd between 1st and 2nd, right next to Triangolo.

                    Great cheese (and a lot of it), fresh ingredients, garlic-infused tomato sauce, delicious crust.



                    1. re: Matt

                      Try Zesty's on 95th & Third Avenue. Amazing Marinara sauce.
                      for fresh pizza, there's also Nick's restaurant on 94th & 2nd. both are great.

                      1. re: ChristineNYC

                        I think Slice pizza on 2nd and 74th is great! It's healthy and has great toppings.

                      2. re: Matt

                        Saigon Grill on 88th and 2nd has been "closed" going on two yrs now! btw what's the update on this place?

                        1. re: Matt

                          Anna Maria's on 1st and 83rd has awesome slices! I used to live on 85th and would get their slices all the time! Their slices are good and crunchy. I always ask for well-done (not black) and it's great!

                        2. re: eva l.

                          Ota-ya is really good fresh sushi for a staple night and they deliver faster than you can imagine
                          Barking dog has the best cobb salad in the whole universe
                          Annies is also a good one for brunch.

                        3. My favorites are Etat Unis at 242 E.81st(between 2nd and 3rd Ave.) and their wine bar across the street.Get the chocolate souffle.Small places,friendly service,interesting wine list( drink Chinon), menu small and determined by what's fresh per markets.

                          1. Don't miss Dan Maxwell's on Second btw 89th and 90th. Terrific steaks and the best sauteed mushrooms I've ever had.

                            1. Other suggestions:
                              Sirabella's on york in 80s has good italian (and good for takeout, too).
                              For French, Etats-Unis.
                              For Mexican, Zocalo in 80s off 3rd has interesting selections (not your typical burrito-type Mexican).
                              A takeout place i like is Chicky's on 86th bet 1-2 - kind of a dump but they make great cheap grilled chicken salads (salad not always as fresh as could be desired, but great if you have your own salad makings)
                              Agata on 79th and 1st has good produce and some prepared foods - check this out vs. Eli's Market on 3rd and 80th, which has very nice quality produce but absurd prices
                              The Sultan on 2nd in 70s has good Turkish/Middle Eastern.
                              DTUT on 2nd bet. 84-85 is a good Starbucks alternative.

                              1. la tour, your basic neighborhood bistro, on 3rd and 75 (or 74?) has a great $15 all you can eat mussel and frites special (everyday!) Make sure to choose the "la tour" version-- with mustard and rosemary in the broth. The mesclun and goat cheese is a good starter for this meal.
                                Welcome to the neighborhood!