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Aug 29, 2001 03:11 PM

Sono closes today

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Sad news. Sono's last day is today. (57th St. between Park and Lex). Their beautiful food will be missed.

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  1. That is terrible news. Thanks for the heads up.

    Lisa P

    1. Oh no! Such sad news. We'll need to keep a Tadashi Ono watch on these boards to see where he lands after this.

      1. Horrible news, but as many of us have noted here, not unexpected in light of the sparse crowds. I am surprised by the timing, though, since I happened to be there for lunch today and it appeared more crowded than ususal and no signs of the closing. But I just called and confirmed their demise -- I'm glad I was able to enjoy the wonderful cooking, space, and service one final time.

        1. I only hope that Ono is not discouraged and gets to work at a restaurant where he can do what he wants to do.