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Aug 29, 2001 12:58 PM

Radio Perfecto and Public Theater

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Has anyone been to Radio Perfecto. I'm going to the Public Theater on Lafayette and was thinking of Radio Perfecto on Avenue seems like a cool and funky place...I know the food won't probably be perfect or perfecto but was also wondering if there are any other funky and hip places around this area like Radio Perfecto.

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  1. Radio Perfecto is quite a hike from the Public Theater--a half-hour walk, anyway. Here are some worthy alternatives:

    I recently dined at No. 9, on 9th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues, a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the Public, and I was enthralled. Perfectly seared foie gras! Venison tenderloin! Whoa!

    Serafina Fabulous Grill is very good, down a half-block from the Public on Lafayette and E. 4th. Indochine's portions were a bit small last time I was there (they're right across the street from the Public), and that Tapas place (the name escapes me) is too unreliable. Riodizio (practically next door to the Public) is a bit overrun with students, but it's fun, all-you-can-eat ($34 or so) meats, fish, and chicken carved from swords by the intrepid staff. Pop is very good (up on Fourth between 12th and 13th), very hip and 21st century.

    But for a soothing, classy evening, I'd say No. 9 is your best bet in this neck of the woods.

    1. Tom is right about Radio Perfecto being a hike from the Public. I went there when it first opened a few years ago because I like old radios and they have got a nice collection on display. The food was just okay at the time and I haven't been back since.

      There's lots of places right on Lafayette Street (Time Cafe, Indochine, Joe's Pub Cafe-part of Public Theatre) that might work out better for you. Also, Tom's suggestions are good. Have fun.

      1. I've eaten here once, and it was pretty unremarkable, in fact, far from perfecto. Avoid it. If your objective is "funky" in this area, go for Esperanto on 9th and C. Closer to the theater is Mugsy's Chow Chow on 2nd bewteen 1st and 2nd St. This place also has the "hip" feeling you're looking for.