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Aug 29, 2001 09:25 AM

Le Jardin Bistro or Mooza?

  • j

Which is better specifically for Steak Frites? I hear both gardens are lovely. Can reservations be made for garden seating?

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  1. m
    Mary Shaposhnik

    I don't think Le Jardin's garden is particularly attractive or pleasant. Kind of just a walled-in concrete patio with plastic lawn furniture and vines overhead. The thing I noticed most was it kept out the evening breeze and was oppressively hot on an evening where the restaurant's cute interior was nicely cooled from the open front. Some of the unpleasantness may have come from from the chaotic, terrible service -- very hard to get anyone's attention after loooong waits, and the only place I have had to ask for water *6* times. Won't go back. The backyard at LouLou's on DeKalb in Brooklyn is infinitely more tranquil (good steak frites, too).

    1. Le Jardin Bistro's garden USED to be lovely but it no longer is since the tables have all been jammed together. The food is still good but the ambience is gone, alas. I haven't been to Mooza so I don't know if the garden is comfortable or not.

      1. I was able to reserve the garden seating at Mooza...don't know about Le Jardin Bistro though.

        1. I've been to Le Jardin Bistro and also to Mooza....There is no comperison, Mooza garden is totally different class and much nicer with it's beautiful water fountain. The food at Mooza is excellent and it was not expensive either. Mooza is definitely my Choice.

          1. Don't know which restaurant is better for steak frites but the garden at Mooza is definitely beautiful, airy, and tables are not crammed together. They probably also do a good steak but lots of places offer steak frites if that's what you want.