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Aug 28, 2001 11:55 AM

Frozen Yogurt

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Years ago, on 115th and Amsterdam, there was a small Indian-owned grocery that sold THE BEST frozen yogurt in NYC. It was tart, slightly lemony, and made no effort to hide its true yogurtiness. It was served in cups without embellishment--with the exception of scoops of peanuts or raisins that were available for a few extra pennies.

In any event, does anyone know of a place in the 5 boroughs that offers yogurt of equal quality?

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  1. The plain/vanilla frozen yogurt at Lord & Taylor has that lemony and tart taste. It has for years. Not cheap and in a take-out setting, though.

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      also the yogurt at 40 carrots, the cafe in the basement of bloomingdales. it's the kind that actually tastes like regular yogurt, which is rare. it is also excellent with a slice of carrot cake.