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Aug 28, 2001 10:25 AM


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Has anyone been to ILO? Grimes gave it three stars and a good review. Am going on Thursday, if anyone has been I would love to hear comments. Thanks in advance.

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    Victoria DiNardo

    I had dinner at Ilo a few weeks ago - a friend and I had the tasting menu. We really enjoyed it. The service was professional - friendly but not too - and the pacing of the courses was perfect. The portions were just never felt like too much. The stand out for me was the rabbit, really wonderful, slightly gamey but delicate, and nicely sauced. The cheese cart was good too, and served well. I'm a dessert fan, and that was the only (slight) disappointment, but over all it was quite good.
    Also, I have to say that although I love a good cocktail - and what I ordered at the bar was delicious, a tomato water martini - I'm really starting to get sticker shock when I order a $14 or $15 drink.( I know it's not just here - it's New York, but still...)
    I know the chef was at River Cafe for many years, I think I ate there once when he was there, but I really enjoyed his earlier restaurant - Luxe - that was on 21 or 20th Street and had that big window on the street that looked into the kitchen.