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Aug 28, 2001 09:45 AM

Baltimore Style Crabs

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Does anyone know where I might find authentic Baltimore Crabs? I have found them at Citarella (take out), but thought they were not very meaty. Any restaurants in town that have them, and if so, which place is the best?
Thanks for your help.
Uncle Brenny

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  1. on monday nights B3 has an $18.95 all you can eat baltimore crab feast. i have heard that it is rather nice but have not yet been there. planning to go next monday. located at southeast corner of ave. b and 3rd st.

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      City Crab & Seafood - Park AVE South & 19th ST - has them in season & often out. The owner does Baltimore style as he hails from Maryland. Give it a try. Last I heard he was back in Baltimore helping a baseballer with a new restaurant.

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        Bill Lukashok

        My wife is from Maryland and she has spent a good portion of the past 15 years bemoaning the fact that there are no good Balt crab places in NYC. We have done the one on Park Ave S and 19th Street and found it sorely lacking. We've given up. If you have true success, please let me know.

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