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Aug 27, 2001 04:57 PM

Babbo...Any thoughts?

  • j

I am dining at Babbo on Fri. Any suggestions? What's good...

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  1. do a search. much info on babbo

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    1. re: sk

      Is Babbo also a wine bar?

      1. re: ragazzanyc
        Billie Monroe

        Babbo has a "wine bar area" - 10 seats at the bar and 4 tables reserved for walk-ins. Both bar and those tables serve full menu, just like the rest of dining room except that, during a busy time, it's a little less intimate. The bar is a full bar, meaning all top-shelf liquor, etc.


    2. Pork tenderloin entree at Babbo is heavenly!

      Lisa P

      1. Was there a couple of weeks ago and had the pasta tasting menu...sublime..and an amazing value for the price.... Be HUNGRY, though!

        1. Try to get a table upstairs.

          1. two must-haves:

            1) appetizer: the warm lamb tongue, in a vinagrette with greens, thin slices of cheese and a three-minute egg plopped in the middle.

            2) first course: goose liver ravioli. It's like God himself descends from heaven and sits on your tongue.

            for an entree, the duck is nice, as is the pork tenderloin. also like the beef cheek ravioli with crushed squab liver.

            dessert, try the chestnut spice cake with ice cream and pear slices.