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Mar 27, 2002 11:43 AM

What's the q-t on "Q" and best sweetbreads in SF Bay Area?

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Am supposed to meet a group of people for brunch at "Q" on Clement. Has anyone heard of good or bad tings about this place?

Also, does anyone also know who prepares and serves the BEST sweetbreads in SF/Bay Area?

Appreciate the leads.

Cherlock Bones!

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  1. I went there last year for dinner and wasn't "Wowed", but it wasn't bad. I would say that the restaurant is fun looking, but the food was average. A little overpriced for what you get.

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      the best sweetbreads i can remember in SF came a'la Thermador at La Folie on polk street. lobster and sweetbreads in potato tower with a refreshing parsley jus. sooo sooo good.

      1. re: chauncey

        Agreed, La Folie's are simply excellent. And the presentation is amazing. I had the sweetbreads during the summer truffle promotion (they saute and add truffles to compatible dishes). What a combination!



    2. I am a sweetbread lover, and good sweetbreads are hard to find. Haven't eaten there in years, but Le Bergerie (?) on Geary was pretty good. In Marin, its Forks in San Anselmo, and El Paseo in Mill Valley. Might check places first, since some restaurants only have them as specials. Best I ever had was at La Burgoigne...alas, closed years ago. I am relegated to doing my own.

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        I had some lovely sweetbreads at Boulevard a couple of years back, but the menu may have changed since then (old info).

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          I love sweetbreads as well, and would be happy to cook them, but I have only found them frozen. Have you found a place that has them fresh here in S.F. Thanks...

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            For all practical purposes, I doubt you can get fresh sweetbreads. They are usually thawed before placed in the meat display case. I buy them in the frozen state, and thaw when ready to cook. I assume this is because they move slowly, and keep well frozen. I don't think they age well, and are perishable.

        2. I'd agree with HKL about the food at Q -- good, but nothing outstanding. It is a nice choice for vegetarians though, since it offers quite a few menu options for them.

          I remember the portion size being pretty good, fun environment, but can be a little chilly if it's windy out.

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            Jennie Sheeks

            Bistro Jeanty in Yountville sometimes runs a special of sweetbreads and wild mushrooms in puff pastry. Positively decadent. I have heard rumors from the staff at Bistro Jeanty that this or something similar is on the appetizer menu at Jeanty at Jacks.

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              Had sweetbreads with the rabbit main course at Jeanty at Jacks. Good dish.

            2. I have been to Q maybe 25 times, so I guess you could say I recommend it. Food is good to very good, not spectacular (altough infinitely better than Park Chow in my opinion).

              Portions are generally very big. I have not been there for brunch but for dinner recommend the mussels (very spicey), the ribs ($9.75 with a plate of beans, slaw and garlic fries), and the burger.

              For the price, it really is hard to beat. Plus, they have a GREAT list of inexpensive wines.

              As for sweetbreads, I had great ones at Fringale about a year ago but I think it was a special.