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Aug 26, 2001 09:48 AM

Curry Leaf - whats the 411?

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Just read about the opening of this place. Check the link. It provides interesting little snap shot into activities on "Curry Hill." I had not known about the Kalustyan's connection to the old Curry in a Hurry.

The journalist at IndianNewYork makes curry Leaf sound a bit better or more interesting than most of places in the area. Anybody been there yet? Something new or just more of the same (which isn't so bad)?

Link: http://www.indiainnewyork.com/food/ju...

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  1. by the way, I just read the article again and saw that it says they opened in Nov. 2000, so not so new.

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      Caitlin McGrath

      There have been reports, so do a search.