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Aug 24, 2001 02:11 PM

Big New Chinatown Market - Deluxe Food Market

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Was in Chinatown Wednesday and I spotted this new, big market called the Deluxe Food Market. Located at 79 Elizabeth, between Hester and Grand. The store is so big that extends from Mott all the way through to Elizabeth street. I walked in and it's amazing, it has everything: butcher, fish, sushi, bakery, drinks, etc. etc. There's a long line of prepared food that is doled out by attendants behind glass cases. There's no English on the prepared food but from what I can gather, it looks to be about $3.79(?) a lb. On the Elizabeth street side of the store, tables and chairs are laid out kind of food court-like. The place is packed.
I didn't get anything on Wednesday but today at lunch I got sushi ($5.95 for 6 pieces) and at the bakery I got a "Mexican creamy roll" (.60 each) and some kind of tin pan baked bread ($1.20).
The sushi was awful. The first piece I had almost choked me with it's toughness. But the Mexican creamy roll was wonderful. I kind of thought it was going to be savory but it was sweet. Very buttery, and inside was some kind of sweet-cheese filling. I could liken it to a cheese danish.
I'll definitely go back to sample more from the bakery and food. The meat looks pretty terrific too.

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