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Aug 23, 2001 06:05 PM

Yeah Shanghai Delux

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The address of this place is 65 Bayard, across the street from New Green Bo.

I'm not really ready to make a judgement on this place yet, as I've been there only once, but at Pan's request from the Int'l board, here's the address.(and a small first visit report)
65 Bayard, across the street from New Green Bo.

Rice is of good quality. The Roast Chicken, which has a Chinese name of "hand shredded chicken", had good flavor. The skin is dark brown, but soggy. It was once crispy I'm sure, but then it's been cooked again in the soy sauce based broth. The pan fried little buns are more delicate than NGB's but I'm not sure I like it better. Although Yeah Shanghai's portion makes it a better appetizer, doesn't fill you up as fast. Then of course, they have the thousand-layed cake served warm. That was good, since I haven't had it for over 10 years....

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  1. Hmmm...Now that you've given the location, I think I've been there once, within the last week and a half or so. I got the typical cold "spicy cabbage" dish which I like so much; it was a nice rendition. The other thing I got was a special: cold noodles with aromatic beef. I didn't realize that this would be a type of cold sesame noodles with aromatic beef on the side; my mistake.

    I don't feel ready to judge the place yet, either, though one of my former students, a Chinese woman from Shanghai, was eating there with her date, and said it was a famous place. I was under the impression that it was a pretty new restaurant.

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      It is a new restaurant that opened up. They only have that Chinese paragraph describing the mother restaurant in the paper to-go menus. When you sit down to eat, you don't get those menus.

      There has been more than one incarnation of this restaurant in Shanghai over the years. Then there are chefs who left the restaurant to start other good restaurants....Of course this is all so long ago. I only found out that the one in Chinatown is NOT owned by the same owner as in Shanghai, but the waiter said the chef IS from there. Hard to tell. The Waiter for some reason doesn't recommend the dish that's famous in Shanghai. He kept recommending the sea cucumber dishes, and the fish fillet fried in bean curd skin(looked good on our neighbor's table)

      Many more dishes to be tried!