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Aug 23, 2001 12:12 PM

Info on Lower East Side places:

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Recently, we trucked around the Lower East Side and noticed the following places - does anyone have any info on these joints?

Lansky's - Norfolk below Rivington
Zum Schneider - C @ 7th St.
Street - B below 2nd St,
Pierro - B South of 3rd St.
Belmondo - B bet 6th & 7th
Parlor - B bet 6th & 7th
26 seats - B bet 10th & 11th
Luca Lounge - B bet 13th & 14th - Wafer thin crust Pizza (Asimov)
Jeollado - 4th St. bet. 1st & 2nd Aves (Sushi?)
Tahabachi - A bet. 5th & 6th
Opeline - A bet. 5th & 6th
Rocher - 5th 1st & 2nd Aves.

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  1. Lansky's -- avoid the formerly kosher dairy bakery, head to the steakhouse entrance on Norfolk. A fairly posh room, and as good a porterhouse for 2 as you'll get. Shocking, delicious, and a few bucks less than most steak houses. Great bar that gets crowded and often club-like by 11 or so.

    Zum Scneider -- great German beers served in the right kind of glasses. Never tried the food, but certain items were well-reviewed in the Times.

    Street - a cool-looking bar with no food

    Pierro - great garden, never eaten there

    Belmondo - decent and cheap french spot, large and airy, an excellent resource in the neighborhood. not many places in lower Manhattan left where you can eat & drink at a decent looking spot for $12 an entree. Burger is especially good, skate was good when i went as well. Only problem -- drinks are NOT cheap. Liquor will cause your tab to rise rapidly.

    Parlor -- this where I get my hair cut.
    Ask for Sara.

    Luca Lounge -- I was underwhelmed, think 3 of cups on 1st ave and 5th does a much better gourmet pie.

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      Luca Lounge - B bet 13th & 14th - Wafer thin crust Pizza (Asimov)
      Haven't been but I've had two excellent pies from Pizza Gruppo one block south. This is my new contender for favorite pie. The crust is just right.

      Jeollado - 4th St. bet. 1st & 2nd Aves (Sushi?) these guys are a sushi/Korean joint. I've been a few time sna dthe sushi is ok but nothing to rave about. I've had a good korean pancake there. the name escapes me?

      Bellmondo. I haven't been but it used to be Mesopotamia, which had some cheap prices on some decent Belgium style cooking. Now they've done a horrible re-decoration. this baffles me. It's on my list to try though.

      Le gould finch is across the way. and while the atmosphere is great they turn out some mediocre creole cooking

    2. I tried Lansky's when it first opened and was really impressed by the steak. I had the filet mignon, which was near perfect, rare and almost melting in the mouth soft. I've always been hesitant to mention the place when people bring up steak out of fear of seeming too trendy or unknowlegeable food-wise, you know? The place (well, the bar) is a total scene on weekends, and not exactly the crowd I'd opt to mingle with. But the restaurant was surprisingly good. It was near dead the night I stopped in--I wonder if it's picked up since then?

      Belmondo is decent, a nice in-between (not too upscale, not too casual) place if you happen to be the neighborhood, though I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there. I can't even remember what I ate (steak frites?) so obviously it wasn't that remarkable. However I do remember being uncomfortably hot, as they didn't have an air conditioner. Unless they've installed one in the past month, wait till fall before venturing out. I think I had two pricey mojitos then moved on to 7B for some real drinking...

      1. You missed probably the best place of them all.....Mooza on 191 Orchard St. The food is excellent and they have the best outdoor garden in NYC....go check it out! You will love is totally cool.

        1. Mooza...Orchard Street between Houston and Stanton. It is the newest and best addition to the LES, You must take advantage of their lovley garden.

          1. I haven't been to Zum Schneider, but it's been covered on this board. As I recall, it's a serious beer bar with some German bar food, and has gotten very good reactions here as such. Asimov also liked the place.

            Strangely enough, though I live close to every place you named and have passed all of them, I haven't ate or drunk in any! I could tell you about other Lower East Side places, though.